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       Shenzhen Kunqi Xinhua Co., Ltd (KQXH) was established in 2006. We are listed in the ChiNext (equivalent to NASDAQ in the US) board since October 2014.

       KQXH is recognized as a “National Hi-Tech Enterprise” in China, actively participated and compiled industry standards which include “Guangzhou Province Solder Dross Reducer Standard”, “Solder Dross Reducer Industry Standard” and “IPC7535-CN’.

       We are also a recipient of “Shenzhen Enterprise Milestone” award and is an active member of IPC, SMTA, China SMT Association, Shenzhen Industry Association, Shenzhen SME Promotion Board and Shenzhen Hi-Tech Industry Association.

       With Environmental Protection as our focus and energy saving as our aim, KQXH is dedicated to exploring new technologies and materials and its applications. With our professionalism, branding and international outlook, we are the integrated solution provider to help you achieve Industrial 4.0!

       KQXH invest heavily in R&D and holds several patents to our name. With our responsive sales strategy and customer touch points in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Israel, Hungary, India and Taiwan, and not forgetting our vast network in China, we hear our customers and works with world renowned corporations to constantly improve on Quality, Process, Manpower reduction and lower overall cost to achieve a win-win situation.

        KQXH is the preferred supplier to many big corporations and we helps to identify gaps and provide innovative solutions so as make a positive contribution towards our society, our partners, our staff, our customers and our investors.  

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Copy Right: Shenzhen Kunqi Xinhua Co., Ltd.
Add: Room 1301-2, Apartment C, Block 3, Tian'an Cloud Park, Bantian Subdistrict, Longgang  District, Shenzhen City, China 518129
Contact us : 18923487396(Mr.Zhou) ; 13823263414(Mr.Chen) ; 18617161793(Ms.Jin)
Tel: (86) 0755-89253020; 89253221   Fax: (86) 0755-89253332
E-mail: [email protected]


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